Ambush Your Enemy


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Demo. Feb 2017. Available from Life Lair Regret records.


released March 3, 2017




TIRADE Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Petty Crime and Social War
Ambush your enemy!

Night time leather jacket,
leather gloves
Thunder clapping
No one sees, always hide
Keep it close, side by side
On the look, keeping spot
Hear the whistle Down there's cops
Onward march To the goal
Smashing windows, fire, burn

One life one chance
To kill those that kill you
One life one chance
To destroy what destroys you

Petty crime, Fare evasion
Rob your liquor Insurrection
Fire bomb, Anti Fa
Slashing tyres Burning cars
On the hunt for a life
without rules cops or strife
Can you see it hear it feel it taste it?
Now its time to try and live it

Know the streets take it in
urban warriors local skin
Never caught always ahead
fuck the filth and citizens

Drain the economy
Destroy its capacity

Social peace is social war
Social peace is warfare
Track Name: Tirade
Dont wanna listen to what we're here to say?
Thats ok cuz we're just a fuckin tirade
Endless dissolution like endless blockades
Endless enemies and countless comrades
Momentum in battle we're here to display
So breath in destruction and live for today
Anger, hatred and love overflow
A tirade in battle
So lets fucking go

A tirade of words
A punishment of action
New ideas
Bring systems crashing
Never bow your head
Always shout a beer
Try your fucking best
While you're stuck in here
We'll always lose at life
If we don't take up the war
Put your hoods up
Know what you're punching for

Not simply a desert of cynical plains
Or an oasis of life that wells without pain
Hate the pretence we live everyday
You're fucked and I'm fucked and we're not ok
What do you see
As our lives options?
Fight that which fucks you
Or you're at a loss

Total Liberation
Track Name: Neither Serenity Nor Sanity
Trapped, its been said before but its true
You got no options here Turn the gears
Prison, hospital, death or cold awaits
Self Medicate

9am, should probably get up
11am, fuck it i'm getting drunk
Another day to waste Being pathetic in this place
in a society of suffering
its so easy to do nothing

They've got a fine tuned machine
I'm convinced I experience liberty

Everyone knows it
You can see it on the street
Crooked mother fuckers
Escaping on their feet
No one is immune
To our societies disease
Its all about your comfort
In this 'relative peace'
How do you deal With this way of life
With this way of being? Do you feel alright?
Im going fucking crazy, im losing any drive
Cuz confusion reigns when I don't even think to survive

So serene.
No serenity in a wheel
No serenity in my cage
No serenity in rage

No serenity without justice
No serenity with police
No serenity with this disease
Track Name: Get Beyond Rights Based Thinking You Fucking Dweebs
There is nothing instrinsic about the state
or the rights they sign on to
They will invoke them or they will take
If a threat to hegemony is you

At war there is no rules
No respect for the enemy
I will not uphold rights
To defend my territory

Not our
Rights to fucking cling to
Not how
To bring the fucking fight

Weak as piss

So stand up on your own fucking two feet. Attack.
Not for rights. Never fucking plead

Sever the ties that bind you to power
Never appeal to ivory towers
Fight for your life all there is to defend
Act on everything
Undermine and Subvert
Don't bend for a cause
Think for yourself
Act on everything
Spark a fire ignited by desire
Not for rights, don't ever fucking plead.
Track Name: YOLO means FSU
its all laid out, heres your lifes plan
this is your direction, this is where you stand
this is how it is dont ever second guess
this life you're given, you are simply blessed

Struggle on, just struggle through
put up with whats dished to you
Dead imagination, no creatvity
Try to kill the kid inside of me

For the kids, cuz I'm still a fucking kid

the youth revolt
passion lives not in adults
never growing up, just growing old
I still will not do what im told

sounds juvenile? Thats fucking right
no innocence, no purity
just reckless give a fuck
Y O L O mentality

Fuck the rules, cuz I'm still a kid.